10 Online Money Making Sites

10 Online Money Making Sites

There is no shortage of legitimate ways to make money online.With so many legitimate online money making opportunities, almost anyone can earn extra cash on the internet these days.

But, many of these sites have one shortcoming… they aren’t that quick when it comes to paying you! It takes weeks to get paid and in some rare cases, even months. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are scams. They are perfectly genuine sites, it’s just the way their payment system works.

. MySurvey

  • Official Site: MySurvey.com
  • Payout Minimum: $10
  • Payout Speed: Instant (if you choose gift certificates)
  • If you like talking about products and services that you use in your everyday life, you’ll like MySurvey. It’s one of the best legitimate online survey sites that pay you for taking online surveys.

Each survey can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Longer surveys usually pay more. The best part is that you don’t need any experiencTolunaTolunae or special knowledge and since it’s free, it’s a great way to make money without investing a dime.

  • 2. Transcribe Me
  • Official Site: TranscribeMe.com
  • Payout Minimum: $1
  • Payout Speed: Instant
  • Transcribe Me is a website where you can transcribe audio files for money.
  1. If you don’t know what transcription is, it’s the practice of taking audio and writing it down.
  2. It’s simple stuff, and all it requires is that you be able to type quickly!
  3. Transcribe Me has just a short little test to see if you qualify, and then you can get right into it.
  4. This website offers $20 per audio hour.
  5. Each audio file takes an average of 3 hours to be transcribed.


One of the biggest panels with daily online surveys, paid as cash or vouchers. Who are they? A trusted opinion website working on behalf of leading companies. They want to know what you think about certain products, services and issues. In return, you get rewarded!